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"O" God   Thou has appointed me to watch over the Life and Health of all mankind.
Here I am ready for my Vocation.
Dr. Rajendra Tela    

  DR. RAJENDRA TELA, Managing Director of Tela Dental Clinic & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. Graduated from K.G's Medical College, Lucknow in April 1975.

Worked for six months as House Surgeon in Dental Faculty in K.G's Medical College, Lucknow.
Worked as Honorary Dental Surgeon in J.L.N. Medical College, Ajmer from Jan. 1976 to Oct. 1976.
Established Tela Dental Clinic in Nov. 1976.

Extraction of Teeth and Construction of Dentures were the main activity of Dentists in this part of the country in those days. Dr. Tela felt creating Dental Awareness, Bringing in latest developments and imparting Dental Education to masses was very essential. Keeping this in mind, he started organising and attending Dental Camps in rural areas with the help of N.G.O.'s and other organisations,this was a new concept in those days. In last 25 years he has attended more than 200 Dental Camps.

    Besides being the Chief Advisor to Jaipur Dental College, Jaipur
    He is Ex-Vice President of Rajasthan branch of Indian Dental Association.
    Life Member of Indian Dental Association.
    Fellow International College of Dentists. (FICD)
    Fellow Pierre Fauchard Academy. (FPFA)
    Fellow Association of Dentaire Internationale. (FADI)
    Founder Member Indian Academy of Implant Dentistry. (FIAID) 
    Dr. Tela Receiving Fellowship

Dr. Tela Receiving F.I.C.D.
He has attented various National and International conferences and has visited many countries in this regard.
Besides his professional activities, he is also associated in different capacities with various other organisations such as...

Dr. Tela Being Honoured For His Services    

    Chairman Rajasthan Table Tennis Association.
    Vice President Rajasthan Hockey Association.
    Vice President Rajasthan Amateur Athletic Association.
    Founder President: All India Kitchen Garden Association, Ajmer.

He has been associated with the organisation of many National and International Tournaments of Table Tennis and other games. He has represented the Country as Manager of the Indian Table Tennis Team to Asian Junior T.T. Championships in Nagoya, Japan 1986.
Asian T.T. Championships, Tainjin, China 1994.
and Common Wealth T.T. Championships at Glasgow, Scotland in 1997.

If you want to earn more --- learn more.
If you want to get more out of the world --- you must put more into the world.
For, after all, men will get no more out of life than that they put into it.
---William Boetcker