was established in 1976 by Dr. Rajendra Tela with the sole aim of providing quality Dental Care to the patients, Imparting Dental Education and also to create Oral Health Awareness in this part of the country. And thereby contributing our bit to the National Health Programme.

Tobacco, gutka and betelnut chewing alongwith smoking and using Dentifrices containing Tobacco & Coarse Abrasive material, Poor Oral Hygiene in the Rural Population is very common. All these factors are responsible for a high percentage of Dental and Oral Diseases including Sub Mucous Fibrosis, Leukoplakia, Lichenplanus and Oral Cancer in this area.

Keeping the above mentioned situation in mind the Management of Tela Dental Clinic And Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. has always thought that it is their moral and professional obligation to give greater emphasis on Patient Education and hence it is an integral part of their treatment plan. We are proud to mention that ours is probably the First Dental Clinic in the Country to have been registered as a Small Scale Industry.

The clinic is managed by Dr. Rajendra Tela (Managing Director), and is fully equipped with latest equipments and all types of latest treatments are done under one roof. We are proud to say that high standards of aseptic conditions are maintained.

It will be worth while to mention that we have an outdoor of about 1500 to 2000 patients every month, which is very very high number for a dental clinic.

The Clinic is equipped with Six Dental Units and has 15 staff members including Clinic Administrator, Assistant Dental Surgeon, Dental Hygienist, Chair Side Assistants, Accountant, Receptionist.etc.

We also have our own Dental Laboratory with trained Dental Mechanics. We are proud to announce that in year 2001 we propose to start another Dental Care Centre in Ajmer, which will have many more facilities matching the best in the country. "CREATE BETTER SMILES" will remain our motto and we hope our Patients and well-wishers will keep encouraging us in our endeavor to provide better Oral Care to our patients and the Society at large.

Staff Members