Air Abrasion technology

Micro abrasive Cavity Preparation Equipment is a new addition in the field of dentistry. It fulfills a long cherished ambition of many dental patients, who do not want to undergo the pain of a prick or the sound of the drill, during cavity preparation and during other dental procedures. In this technique cavity preparations are done by using a fine, precisely controlled high pressure stream of 10-50 microns aluminum oxide, the air abrasion system conservatively removes enamel, dentin and restorative materials with ease and precision. Since air abrasion does not generate heat or vibration, the potential for tooth chipping or microfracturing that routinely occurs from the vibration and pressure of the dental bur is reduced.

Micro abrasive dentistry is a heatless, minimally traumatic and less invasive procedure which can be accomplished rapidly and without local anaesthetic in most cases. It increases patient comfort and confidence because the noise of the high speed hand piece is eliminated and the threat of the needle is eliminated . Air abrasive technology can be used to prepare cavities, restoration repairs , composite and amalgam removal, and texturing tooth structure and indirect restorations to achieve better bonding.

No vibration
No heat produced
No pressure

It is safe because it reduces risk of fractures and chipping of the teeth and protecting the restorations. The gums and tissue are not harmed.

While air abrasion will not replace the highspeed handpiece, it is today's instrument of choice for the practice of conservative dentistry except the high cost of the equipment.