Guided Tissue Regeneration

It is a landmark in treating periodontal disease espically Infrabony defects, Furcation defects and Gingival Recession cases, where there is loss of bone. It was first used clinically by Nyman's et al in 1982. Since then lot of clinical research has been conducted and new techniques and devices have been developed. Most recently TR (Titanium Reinforced) EPTFE has been introduced. GTR is based on the biologic behaviour of different tissues during healing. It is technique that involves the placement of a barrier membrane that bridges the space between the alveolar creast and cervical protin of the tooth which has been created by the recession of the tissue. It allows a new periodontal ligament with fibers inserting in new cementum to form a new attachment.

    Types of Barrier membranes
  • Resorbable (Bioguide)
  • Non-resorbable (Goretex)
    Various materials have been used as barrier membranes. They are:
  • Goretex Periodontal membrane
  • Ethyl cellulose
  • Collagen
  • Polylactic Acid membrane
  • Oxydise cellulose membrane
The resorbable membrane is preferable to the non-resorbable membrane so as to avoid second procedure of removing the membrane.