Dental Anxiety And Fears

There are patients who continuously cancel appointments, don't come in for checkups and delay necessary treatment until they have a much more serious probIem. People who never see a dentist are the true dental phobics, are very apt to end up toothless!Sometimes no matter how hard we try to prevent, the fear of going to the dentist is there. It can happen for no apparent reason, or as the result of an accident that required difficult and extensive treatment or an earlier unpleasent exprience of a friend or a known person. It's important to avoid this happening in future or at later ages, A chiId's dental experiences have to be as pleasant as possible. Frightened child patients grow up to be fearful adult patients, and that can be detrimental to one's dental health.

With modern equipment and techniques; dentistry is now virtually painless. If you are fearful, tell this to your dentist his first goal is to provide you with the best dental care possible. You should not hesitate in asking questions about procedures that cause you anxiety. If you know and understand what is going to happen, you'lI have Iess reason ta worry.
Eat a Iight meal before your visit and try not to drink coffee, teas or colas as they stimulate you instead of relaxing you. Eating a rich protein snack will help stabilize your blood sugar and reduce irritability.
Distract yourself in the dental chair by using walkman to listen to the radio or to music you find relaxing. This will muffle noises that may bother you.
To stop a procedure raise your hand (instead of closing your mouth or holding the dentist's hand as that may cause injury to the tissues in the oral cavity). It will make you more confident and itwill give you a chance to ask for more anaesthetic if you feel any discomfort.
The ways you deal with stress outside the dental clinic will work inside too! Try to think of pleasant images, deep breathing or relaxing your muscles one by one.
Some or aII of these techniques may heIp you feeI more at ease but above aII, don't be afraid to ask you dentist to help you overcome your fear and anxiety. When all other means of relieving anxiety fail, Premedication with mild anti anxiety drugs becomes essential. It has to be used cautiously under strict medical supervision, and all side effects should be checked before the drug is taken. It may be used as the last choice for putting a fearful mind at ease. All other ways should be tried before Anti anxiety drugs are used.